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Exporting tracks in Logic Pro 9 issues [SOLVED]


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Hi guys,


I'm trying to export individual tracks from my project via File > Export > All Tracks as Audio Files... however once they're converted to .wav files they just have horrible noise. Sometimes the 1 out of 6 files will work but something is seriously up and I would appreciate any advice anyone could give me?





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Can you describe the horrible noise? Is it just a wall of noise, or intermittent glitches? Something else?


Are you exporting with Normalize or Overload Protection enabled?


Are you positive that the noise isn't being generated by overloading your Stereo Output?

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Did you try updating Logic?




Logic v9.0 had some crazy bugs so I would update if I were you.. At least to 9.1.5 or even 9.1.6 which seems to be the most stable versions for everyone. Personally I have no issues with 9.1.7 but a few people have had lag issues with that version and Snow Leopard so... 9.1.5 would be the best route to take, at least initially...


You can get 9.1.5 (and the rest of the updates from 9.1.1 thru 9.1.6 ) from;



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