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"Pre-Mixing" Volume Automation [SOLVED]


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Hello All,


Within Logic, I often find myself interested in using volume automation to get a desired effect or sound. However, as my composition grows more complex, certain track volumes that were once appropriate, now seem ready for some manipulation within the mixer. As you are most surely aware, any change to a volume fader in the mixer on a track that already contains written volume automation, will be bypassed as soon as Logic begins once again to "Read" that animation. Thus, I can't efficiently mix the volume of said track.


So far, I have just been waiting until I am towards the end of a project, and then mixing the volumes, and then writing in all of the automation that I wanted. Is there any way to "fix" this problem?


PS: I have thought that I could possibly just write in any volume automation whenever I desire, and some how change the volume fader within the mixer to serve as a unity gain level for the entire track, and then, for mixing purposes, simply move the fader Up for +dB or down for -dB to properly place said track within my mix.



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