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Copy and paste drum patterns?


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Ok... after hours of work... i finally found out that you can't input from a keyboard into ultrabeat... sad :(


No way I'm going to create patterns with a mouse!


I used to create patterns on my Roland D20... realtime on the fly with a REALTIME ERASE FEATURE so if you made a mistake you could spot erase on the fly without stopping. Create a basic pattern... save... add to the basic pattern... save and so on.... very fast.... would only take minutes to have enough patterns with lots of variations for a whole song. Simply chain the patterns in the order of your choice.


I'm looking for tool//pluging/hardware... to do this in logic... probably a pipe dream?


If I use my D20 to create the patterns... what would be the best way to get them into Logic?


Also.. I have created a song with one of the ultrabeats default patterns and now want to do variations on that pattern... can't seem to figure out how to copy and paste the patterns in ultrabeat to edit them... so three hours now trying to get this done.


Don't get me wrong... I love Logic... I just need to figure these things out. :(



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Thanks David.... you must have a lot of friends on this forum... add one for your help today and the other problem I had with importing sequences from my vintage Roland D20 workstation :)


Got the copy and past patterns problem solved... but... no slick drum machine plugins to do what I want?


As for my Roland D20 patterns... what would be the best way to get them into Logic... just play and record the D20 into Logic and slip the track to align to the measure?

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I have heard of sequencers behaving in the way you describe but have never used them myself. Unfortunately there's nothing like that in Logic.


To import your sequences you could have the D20 send MIDI Time Code and Logic slave to it so that your programming is automatically aligned. For Logic to slave to time code go to Settings > Synchronization > General and set your Sync Mode to MTC.

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