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Merging Multiple Sessions


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Hey there, I've been working on a large piece of music broken up into multiple Logic sessions.

Now I'd like to put it together.....is there any way to combine these sessions or import them so I can have them all in the same session?

Perhaps I should have done it all in the same session from the get-go but it was the nature of how this project unfolded.


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I'm going to guess you have to export the file....then import it into the other session.

...I see there are multiple formats however, and if I recall correctly they are for other DAWs like ProTools.

Which one is the best going from Logic to Logic.....it would be great if you could have multiple sessions open at the same time and then drag & drop between arrange windows.

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How many projects are you looking to merge?


Do any of them share the same tempo?


Do they all have the same time signature?


Do any of them share the same instruments?


Do any of them contain track automation?


A) several

B) n/a as its free-time

C) n/a, no midi

D) some

E) all of them have automation


I had some trouble w/ file directories.....even though the session read everything properly, when I imported the AAF files there were some issues of mixing up the audio. Otherwise that seems to be a good way to go, I believe the problems were on my end as some files may have been relocated at some point somehow. Believe it or not, the best solution seems to be simply copying & pasting the regions you want to import. Everything comes with it including the automation....the channel strips probably have to be saved and brought in the old fashioned way I imagine. Anyways, works like a charm - thought I'd share that. One way that Apple could improve on this method however is to allow multiple sessions to be open at once so you don't have to go through the tedious process of opening & closing the sessions each time you need to go back & forth.

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