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Audio files overcrowding screen


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I was wondering if there was a way to prevent my audio files from uncollapsing therefore showing every little detail about them. This causes a little trouble when i'm trying to bring in a audio file into the arrange window, i have to scroll and scroll to find it. How can i make my audio files stay just one line?...if that's even possible...LOGIC RULES 4EVER!!!!






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I hear ya about this...


The easiest way I've found to un-collapse them is to OPT+click on any one of those disclosure triangles.


BTW, those details you're talking about are regions ("child" segments of the "parent" audio file).


If your bin is set to view files by "none" then the latest files you add will always appear at the bottom. Yes, you may have to scroll a lot to get to the bottom of the list, but... when you have things set this way, you might be better to grab the scroll bar itself and whisk it down to the bottom in one swoop so that you can get to the filename.


If your bin is set to view files by "name" then locating the file by its name (provided it doesn't start with a Z) :lol: might save you some scrolling.


But all that said... if you've added the file to a track in the arrange page (where it will appear as a region), selecting that region in the track should cause the bin to automatically scroll that region into view.





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