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Recording an electric kit via Midi

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I'm going to be getting this during the Christmas season..




to record my band, the four inputs are going to be used to record 2 guitars, 1 bass, and vocals.


I'm going to record the drums via Midi, unfortunately i have no experience with midi drums i've only used a usb keyboard before..


So, what do I need to know? can anyone provide any tutorials.. im going to buy a midi to USB cable http://www.amazon.co.uk/Adapter-USB-to-Midi-In-Out/dp/B000XRI3CC


Just to test the midi connection...

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I've heard that there is some issues with the drum kit, because the controller doesn't send the right notes, like C1 as a kick or D1 as a snare, how do you change that? :)

The best way is to program the kid so it sends the right notes (so program it so that it sends C1 when you hit the kick, etc..). Maybe a factory reset will take care of that...


Next we need to know what MIDI Drums you're using?
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I put it in my signature :)

Oops and I missed it. :oops:


So look up the Yamaha manual and see if you can make a factory reset or how to program the MIDI Notes being sent by each module.


Otherwise you can use a mapped instrument in Logic to remap the MIDI notes your kit sends to the MIDI notes you wish it sent... but it's so much better to take care of this at the source (on the electronic kit).

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