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Processing/pausing before&after each Take recorded!


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Hey guys,


Why does logic always take a while to pause and process after I stop recording audio during playback?

Sometimes it even pauses just after I hit record, even BEFORE I recorded any material. This slows work flow down a lot!

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If I were a betting man... I'd guess you are using an external drive and that external drive happens to be a 'Green' drive... which parks and turns off if you don't use it for a short while, hence the delays you are seeing... and/or its a USB2 external HD... which is slow by nature.


Of course, i don't gamble because i always lose.. so I could well be wrong!

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Hi N6Smith,


I have an external HD plugged into my mac but I am not using with logic so it shouldnt enter the equation - any other ideas?


Actually it can.. as it seems Logic (or an OS X File System routine... as other apps do this too..) can and does check for other HDs installed and so that can cause a pause or delay if one of those HDs is 'green'... and parks the head... so they are slow to respond to any file system request...


Other than that, triplet's questions/points are worth looking into, too...

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How much space left on your internal HD? What does that window say?

You should record and save your projects to an external firewire 800 drive to take load of your internal HD.



Hey Triplets. Thanks for the reply..


I was always told by apple to keep 10gb free on my Mac HD to make sure apps run smoothly. Is this enough for Logic? Will upgrading the DDR RAM in my Macbook Pro make more room for apps to run also?


I have attached the window below:




This window stays up whilst recording then when I stop recording there is sometimes a pause in playback.

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