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Track height setting not saved with screenset

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Little discovery the other day.....


Can anyone else confirm the behavior of 'Track height setting not saved with screenset'.


Hover over a track bottom left. little hand icon appears. change track height setting. save the screenset and lock it. duplicate screenset. unlock screenset and change the height of same track then lock again . go back to original screenset. change of height has actually taken place on that screenset too. meaning that this setting is not saved with the screenset.


Is this correct?



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It works as expected here in Logic Pro 9.0.2 with 10.5.8.


Can you edit your signature and add your exact sub-version of 10.5?


PS: I re-read your original post. What you describe is normal behavior: there's only one individual track height parameter. So when you're changing it, you're changing it. You cannot save multiple individual track heights, so different screensets cannot have different individual track heights for the same track.

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Hi David, Derek was helping me get up to speed on Logic as I am an ex Ensoniq Paris user.

Paris not only had track height saved in the screenset but the other tracks stay at their own height when you increase

a different track. Surely if it does not save the height setting then it is not a full screen set?

If logic can save tracks in a screenset with the degree of magnification fixed then does it not follow that that

screen set can also apply a height to the track in the screenset, leaving other screensets unchanged?

It was definately the case in Paris which was 2.2million years ago in the current digital domain.


Appreciate you looking at the question. Arthur

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Hi David, "surely" was me applying logic ha ha!. If it says screen SET then it should set the screen. It doesn't, Paris did.

No DAW has everything but your answer means I will not spend time trying to find a setting to lock up the track height and get back to

the music. Thanks again for the help out. Arthur

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