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Backup/Clone XP FAT32 Bootcamp Partition?

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I thought this was more suitable in The Lounge than anywhere else, sorry in advance if that's not the case.


Everything I've googled points to using WinClone, but that is NTFS only now, I believe.


I just got an email from Apple telling me they need to replace my internal HD, and re-installing Windows is a bit of a pain because I have .exe files on the internal, but the associated programme files on an external and basically have to re-install everything from scratch. Authorising Windows is a pain too, because I don't let XP access the internet and have to do it by phone.


Is there an easy and cheap way? Or should I just come to terms with another re-install/authorisation?


I know this isn't really the site to ask, but I don't want to have to join another forum.

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You could try a Linux LiveCD like Clonezilla. It gets pretty technical, but I've used it to clone a dual-boot partitioned drive with two different Linux distributions. I hear it also works with Windows and possibly Mac OS, but I haven't tried it myself.


Edit - that wasn't clear. What I mean is, you will certainly be able to boot your machine from the disc, and make some sort of copy of all your internal HD's partitions, but as to whether the thing will properly work in both OSes after restoring to a new drive, that's uncertain.

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