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potential hard drive error, logic 9 probs...

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Hi Guys,


Ill try and keep this as short as possible.

Started up mac, frooze on apple and cog screen.

Took it to the "Genius Bar", tried somethings and i believe reinstalled the OSX.

Seemed to fix it.

Ever since the Mac is a lot slower sometimes freezing out completely.

Occasionally get a folder with a question mark on start up.

Sometimes it works okay.

Sounds a little iffy but not very loud.


Anyway first, anyone have a problem similar to that before?

Two, the main question (Logic based one). It looks like i might need a complete reinstall. While i can hopefully save my projects (There on HD2) what will it mean for HD1. Will have to reinstall every plugin, synth, Logic 9 i have etc? Or is there a way around this?


I love Apple and so far they've bee good. But damn, a Mac pro playing up like this after 14 months (I know out of warranty), this just isnt cool.


Any help would be much appreciated.



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