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I need extra set of experienced ears


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guys who here is experienced enough in mixing and mastering that would like to be listening and analyzing my tracks before I do the final bounces? I will just upload a private track to my soundcloud webpage and e-mail the link.... then I want someone knowledgable to have every bit listened to and record any mistakes, or changes/additions to be made in terms of sound or elements, etc, and then send me the list via e-mail or even MUCH better if you have a soundcloud account so you could leave comments right on the soundcloud's waveform.....


I am not looking for opinion if the track is good or it sucks... I am looking for someone to hear it with their ears and tell what they would like to change.... if anything sound funny, too loud or too quiet, too muddy, too bassy,EQ or reverb is not optimal or something that doesn't fit well in there.... well you get the idea


I don't mind doing the same for others if anyone asks me

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