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VST loading Bug


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Hi everybody, my english is bad (i'm french), so i'm gonna try to make the simpliest explanation possible


Here is my configuration : Macbook 13' / Intel core I7, 4go, OS 10.8.2, Logic Pro 9.1.7


2 days ago everything was OK


Than I installed Windows 7 with Vmware, and do few things (installing antivirus, ), I've installed Ubuntu too.


Now : The rainbow wheel start rolling indefinitely (obliging me to shutdow the app) in the following cases :


- When i try to load a virtual instrument/Plugin

- When i click on a toolbar button (ex : Preference)

- When i put a sidechain on a compressor


* I can load a previous set, and tweak the previously loaded instrument, but i cant change the instrument.

** I can go to the preference via the top bar (finder - files...), but when i click on preference in the logic window, it bug.


What I've done by mysesf to resolve it :

- Reboot with cmd-alt-p-r

- disable all my plugins

- delete windows and vmware

- reinstall logic

- install the 9.1.8 update


Unfortunatly nothing worked. There is no crash report because i'm obliged to shut it down by myself.


Please help me, this is driving me crazy.

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Spotlight is used by Logic to keep a track of every file you might use in Logic.. be it loops.. Au Plugin presets and so on.


A Window's partition can screw up Spotlight causing issues when Logic tries to find things... This is why you should exclude it from Spotlight.


Also VMware (and Parallels for that matter) have caused me all kinds of weird issues... so I got rid of both a while ago.. and used BootCamp instead which works perfectly and removes all possibility of issues/interactions with OS X


Finally, after uninstalling VMware, I found my system still had issues. It took a full wipe/fresh install of the OS and Logic to fix these problems. I can only assume that uninstalling VMware did not undo some changes that the install of VMware did, to my system

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Windows? Ugh, disgusting! Your Mac must be Pissed;-/ mmmhmm


Uh huh.. :)


In the end I got a windows standalone computer to run the one program i needed that isn't available on the Mac.... (Sonar.. and that's only because two of my clients insist on using it!)

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