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Midi routing Doepfer Dark Time inside Logic 9


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Hello all from Manchester UK!!!


So, long time Cubase user and after a few years of flirtation, i've finally made the switch to Logic.


Been balls deep for the last couple of days in the Environment area mainly, trying to make all my hardware play nice. Voyager, Mokeys, Tetra, Elektron MachineDrum, Dark Energy/ Dark Time etc...


In Cubase, it was very easy to route the midi out/ins on individual tracks, but I must admit after hours of googling, my head is fried and i'm getting a bit lost...please bear with me.


SO I have 1 question TO START WITH;


1) In Cubase, I used to route my Dark Time sequencer to the 'MIDI in' on the track, and I route the 'MIDI out' to ANY synth/soft. How do I do this in Environment?? I understand I can do this in AMS outside of L9

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