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Sidechain Channel on Mute [SOLVED]


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Hey Forum,


Ever since I updated my copy of Logic I'm not able to sidechain a track/instrument with a bass kick for example WHILE its on mute.


I used to be able to do that with the previous version, and used it a lot.


An example would be right after a chorus/drop where everything goes to silent and a synth is brought in slowly with the sidechain in/out effect.


Any help would be appreciated.



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The audio routing has stayed the same over all the various Logic versions. Nothing has changed. However, whether or not your signal will be available to a sidechain input when you mute the channel strip in Fast (Remote Channel Strip) mode depends on a few factors:


If your kick is on an audio track, you can mute the audio track and its signal is still available as a sidechain.


If your kick is on a software instrument track, you would have to send the signal pre-fader to be able to mute the track and still have the signal available as a sidechain.

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This really messes up my workflow. Is there anyone who can save a channel strip settings with the right settings and post it?


I have a non-audio sidechain that I want to stay unmute as I am soloing different tracks that uses the bus for sidechaining.

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