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10 second clip: feedback please critical or otherwise


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Hi All


I am really enjoying playing with LogicPro and my rig of late, and have started doing some vocals with my daughter Heather and her friend Shannon on guitar. Shannon has only been playing for 5 weeks.


I wonder if any of you could please have a listen to this short extract/clip from my first recording session, and offer me some feedback on the mix and the production I have ended up with. Please do take into account though that I really am a total beginner with recording vocals and acoustic guitar, and that Shan has only been playing guitar for 5 weeks.


I'd really appreciate any feedback from you good folk - critical or otherwise - to aid my learning.

Many thanks.



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If you ain't got something nice to say, then don't.....ahh SCREW IT.

The vocal production is horrendous, for one simple reason:

LOSE the "effects-soup". The delay is out of control, and the flanging is WAAY over the top.

Classic beginner mistake: USE too much effects.

Guitar sounds okay, but you might want to try 2 mics; and pan them hard left and right.

Mic placement is an art form, and so is your own, home experimentation.

Pretty good guitar for 5 weeks practice, I must say.

Bottom line: KEEP GOING!! You're on the right track, but lighten up in the effects department.



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Some good and bad news here....


I'll start with the bad news: TREATMENT is correct. The delay is atrocious, the reverb horrendous, the guitar playing leaves to be desired, sometimes letting low open strings rumble through (@0:05), other times buzzing pretty badly (@0:08)....


Now with the good news: that young girl has a nice set of pipes on her. Whatever you do, whatever she does... keep her singing. She deserves a professionally produced track!!


So to aid your learning I would mainly practice guitar - or find a good guitar player, then back off on the reverb and delay, just try to make it sound intimate, like you're in the room with the musician: you want to showcase her beautiful voice, not drown it in a bunch of effects. When the steak is that good, you don't need gravy. ;)

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Only just seen this reply David - many thanks for your honesty.


Shannon had only been on guitar for 5 week at the point we recorded this test sample... she's is getting better and better. I thought it was very brave of her to have a go a recording something when she'd only picked up a guitar a few weeks previously.


Heather - she so loves to sing :) I did another song with her that I posted on here - Jar of Hearts... would like to hear your opinion on that one please if you have time. She played the piano on it, we recorded that, then she sang over the top of it. Very pleased.


Me on the recording: totally agree that I am awful!!!!! I will take onboard what you say. Thanks again for your candid advice, much appreciated.



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