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Varispeed mutes mirroring outputs


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Dear users,

I have a project that contains 15 audio tracks and 1 midi track. I don't enable recording on any of the audio tracks. I route "click" track to output 3-4 of my M-Audio Fast Track Pro for drummer. And in audio I/O assingments Output 3-4 is mirrored to 1-2 so drummer can hear both click and other tracks while the main mix(1-2) is click free. When I enabled Varispeed, only click track can be heard from output 3-4. When I disabled it other tracks come back and also I noticed that not enabling the midi track(not highlighting it) also helps but I want to play the song with Varispeed on and midi track is record enabled with all tracks playing in the output 3-4.


Thank you all for your help.


Note: I've tried to upload a image of my mixer.


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