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Logic 9.1.8 does not work with MacKeeper? [SOLVED]


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Recently I reported that I was using Logic 8 and it was crashing in 10.6.8 (2.66 GHZ intel core 2 duo with 4 gig RAM). I cleaned out Logic 8, reinstalled and then upgraded to 9.1.8. If I do anything, including save, the screen flashes and Logic shuts down. I've repaired permissions. I use MacKeeper and have run it. I've rebooted. I've done everything I know to do and Logic doesn't work.


Any clues?


The next step is wipe the computer clean and start all over I guess.



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Mackeeper? Wow.. I would never install that on any of my systems.. Complete nightmare (seriously.. I would never install that on any of my systems because of the various issues it can cause... especially when trying to uninstall it!)


See the following examples of what i mean...




or just google mackeeper issues and you will find a bunch of issues caused by that wretched software...


but anyhow...


You probably just need to update your Prokit...



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I use MacKeeper and have run it.

Uninstall it right away, throw it away, never, ever use it again on your Logic-Macs: it is the cause of many, many Logic-related problems. Macs don't need those kind of programs. I have never, ever used any kind of "maintenance utility" on any of my dozen or so Mac computers.


Mackeeper - Stay away !!!

System Cleanup software Damage Logic?

Completely Uninstall Logic Studio


Etc, etc....

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I just recently wrapped up a 5 year employment as a Trainer/Tech at an Apple retail store. Whenever people came in complaining of numerous, seemingly unrelated issues, there are two things that I would try first. Check SMART Utility for hard drive status, check Applications folder for MacKeeper.


This company spends more money on advertising than every commercial beer company put together (it would seem). There software does nothing but cause problems, but because they've had some legitimate endorsements (which baffles me), we just have not been able to shake them. Don't install this on any of your macs, tell your family and friends not to install it on any of their macs.


Do the right thing. Friends don't let friends install MacKeeper.

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