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Midi buffer overflow problem?


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Hi I am new to logic only got it today but I have history in producing since the 90s so know a thing or two.



I have a macbook pro running 2.66Ghz with 8GB RAM running 10.7.5

Logic pro 9.1.8

M-audio Fast Track Ultra

Akai mpk 25

Yamaha DX200

Novation K station

Pod X3


I am currently just trying to set everything in Logic so I've only got the Akai mpk 25 and DX200 plugging to set up the external midi devices.

I've turn MTC off in logic and I have the DX200 setup to how I previously did for other programs the midi clock for it is set to external, midi thru is on and control change is set to all.

The odd thing is I can trigger notes from the Akai but the DX200 then errors with midi buffer full :?


The Akai is new so it maybe sending extra midi data I am unaware off, if anyone can point me in the right direction I'd be most grateful.

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