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Change tempo without audio quality loss? [SOLVED]


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I've read a bunch of posts about this but I am still not sure after experimentation what is the best way to speed up (from 86 to 88) an entire project (about 20 tracks) without losing serious quality in Logic 9. There was a noticeable loss of quality when using VariSpeed. "Follow tempo" worked much better except for the bass which sounded warbled.


It seems like flex is only for segments of a tune, not for the entire tune.

Any suggestions? Thank you for reading.



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Actually, you can use Flex for the whole tune and it works great.


Make sure you pick the right flex mode for each kind of audio and tick the 'complex" box if you're using Polyphonic mode on any of them. Then all you need to do is pick a new tempo.


If any of your audio was not recorded in Logic you'll need to do this:


Select audio and Options / Tempo / Remove tempo information from audio file

And then: Options / Tempo / Export tempo information to audio file

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