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Tonic to Dominant to Tonic to Dominant


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I've been reading up on my harmony theory, thought I'd give some of my new skills to test and this is what I came up with. The whole piece just goes from tonic - dominant - tonic - dominant to keep things easy, Yes I know this can get too repetitive but I've tried to vary it up as much as I could.


I'm going for a clean, pure sound so it basically only contains your common triads, maybe three or four 7th chords thrown in the mix here and there.


Some feedback would be great. Let me know if it's too mind numbingly repetitive and if so, how i'd go about fixing it.





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Wait a sec.... I clearly hear a I - III - VI - V progression in there! :)


Hey, I like this. Very cheerful. Lots of unexpected stuff in there. The glitch stuff early in the tune kind of threw me but then the rest of it drew me in. Nice arrangement, very interesting blend of sounds! And nice to hear a track that actually changes tempo.

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Ok, you got me, at times the piano does a I - iii - vi - V progression but come on, that's as close as a I - V - I - V progression as you can get. The iii and the vi were also add 7 which makes them even similar haha.


Thanks for the kind words. The glitchy stuff was a last minute afterthought, I'm not a huge fan of that glitchy crap myself but some people like it so I thought why not.


I'm glad you liked the arrangement because I found it really hard to try and keep it interesting whilst maintaining the same (similar) chord progression throughout the whole piece. That's also why I included the gitchyness and the tempo changes, to try to keep the listener interested for as long as possible.


Thanks again for the kind words, really means a lot to me. If you can think of ways to improve it also, that would be great.

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