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Custom Keyboards (the sort you type on)

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Just found this company, think they're quite new. They make mechanical keyboards with proper switches like the oldschool 80s IBM ones, not these horrid chiclet or rubber-dome keyboards.


But what *rules* is that they'll laser etch keys especially for you, custom order, can just upload some artwork, and you can choose from a variety of key-cap colours, pick'n'mix. It's basically a tailor-made bespoke keyboard company, and I haven't come across that before.




I'm in the process of making up the .AI files with proper vector artwork keycaps for logic studio, so I'll post a link to the download here when I'm done, and some people here might find that useful, or just a good starting point for making your own take on what you want on a computer keyboard. You can also get the keys engraved as well as laser etched, so that you've got stuff you can feel under the fingertip as well as legends visible to the eye.


Incidentally, I have nothing to do with the company aside from being a customer, this isn't an advert per se, it's a tip-off. I'm a fan.

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