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duplicate track and New track with same channel strip/intrum


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Think of it this way...


You have one track, assigned to an instrument that has a string orchestra sound loaded up. On this track you record an initial idea with two hands. Then, you decide you want to overdub a high string line over the whole thing with the same sound.


1) At this point, your choices are to overdub the part on the same track, OR, use the new track with same channel strip/instrument. As the name implies, a new track will be created that sends its MIDI data to the same instrument as the first track. This prevents you from creating a messy situation in which your high string part's region lays on top of the previously recorded one.


2) the other choice is to create a new track that is assigned to a copy (a "duplicate") of the instrument from the first track. This creates a new track assigned to a separate copy of the instrument. This is useful if you want to have completely independent control over the volume, velocity processing, transposition, and so on for the high string part. It also gives you the ability to swap out a different sound that might be more suitable for the high strings after you get your initial idea down.

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