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One software instrument follow the exact volume of an other?

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Hey everyone


So if I have two separate trumpet tracks, each one having a different trumpet sample but the same midi region, is there a way to have one follow the exact volume/DB of the other one?


It would be very handy when auditioning which patch to use at a specific part of the song without having to mess around with the volume and separate note velocities to get them at the exact same volume first.


Thanks for your time

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Two samples can only follow each others' exact volume if they're, well, the same sample.

So what do you mean by exact? How is this "exactitudeness" measured? By listening, or by metering?


For the time being I'll assume you want them at the same perceived loudness. Unless they already happen to be like that, you'll have to do some work.

You could: use velocity, use volume, use expression, use compression/limiting to achieve that. Only compression/limiting will do it all for you, with an added disadvantage in that it'll alter the sonic character of the trumpets. Just route your trumpets to the same aux, insert aq compressor and choke it until it's all the same... no, that won't be pretty...


If you really want each velocity(layer) in both trumpets to be of equal perceived or measured(?) loudness (with everything else at unity gain), you need to go into either instrument (EXS24 editor) and alter the volume setting per sample(group) until it matches the others' perceived loudness.


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