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External hardware sync problem (Dr-880)


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I have a Dr-880 which Im using as a slave to logic. I am having trouble with the timeline.

When i press play on logic ( as long as Im starting it at the beginning ), my 880 starts to play at the correct place and correct tempo.

But if i move my loop (in logic) to a different place, my 880 still starts at the beginning. Also, If i skip forward whilst playing, my 880 carrys on from where it is (instead of also skipping to same point as logic).


I don't think this is an issue with the 880, because when i open up ableton it works perfect!


Please help because its driving me nuts!! Cheers

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my dr880 is recieving stop, start and tempo messages from logic, but wont recieve song position messages????

when i use my dr880 with ableton it works perfectly. Please help, as its been driving me mad for months now!!!


I did a little test and found that Logic and Live send SPP and Start/Stop/Continue in a different fashion...or format if you like.


I used Snoize's MIDI monitor for this (filtering out the Clock messages for clarity's sake).


All I did was press play from the beginning, stop, and play again, and then stop again (Logic: Spacebar, Spacebar, Spacer, Spacebar - Live: Spacebar, Spacebar, Shift+Spacebar, Spacebar....in Live, if you press spacebar the third time it goes to the beginning instead of continuing).








PS: Pay no attention to the value on the data columm for the SPP event...I'm not a robot. :wink:


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Here's something for you to try.


Download MidiPipe and then open the attached MidiPipe document. Make sure the "MIDI In" tool is set to "MidiPipe Input 1". Then set the "MIDI Out" tool to the port that goes to your Dr-880. In Logic, set the MIDI Clock destination to "MidiPipe Input 1".


I'm guessing this should work because the resulting format of the messages is almost identical to what comes out of Live. Unfortunately I don't have a Dr-880 to try this but It would be cool if this fixes it :)


Logic (Play + Stop somewhere after bar 1)



Live (Play + Stop somewhere after bar 1)



See the difference (time column)? Hopefully it doesn't matter that the Continue message is coming out a bit later than the other two.



Reformated MIDI Clock.mipi.zip

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