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Using LOGIC & ABLETON together for a live set.


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HI there, Firstly I should describe what I what to achieve, then Ill ask questions.


I would like to use Ableton live purely as a DJ set arrangement using my own bounced down tracks.

But, simultaneously be running the main out put of logic 9 through my sound card.

I dont necessarily see the need for one or the other acting as a "Slave". But synchrony would be preferred at the end of the day for times when I am using delays and echoes that need to be in time.


The reason I want to do this is so that I have the freedom of playing a DJ type "on the fly" arrangement using Ableton, But also simultaneously be able to play my Logic Instruments ( EXS 24, Ultrabeat ect ) over the top.


Is this achievable?

Has anyone done this?

Which one is supposed to be the" Slave "

Can you sync both programs?


Thanks for your time


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I use Mainstage with Ableton instead of Logic.

I route the audio from Ableton channels to Mainstage with soundflower - a google search should turn up some tutorials.

I find Mainstage easier and quicker for mapping controllers than Logic.

You can copy your channel strips from Logic into Mainstage which is handy if you do most of your production in Logic with Logic's synths and effects.


Hope this helps


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