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A song about the Olympics and 2012!

Fran Carpenter

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I'm not sure this is really a question for this board (although I used Logic to write my song, using the loops and sound effects!), but...


I have written a children's (though not necessarily children's) song about 2012, the Jubilee and Olympic year, and don't want it wasted!


I have sold copies to schools (not as many as I had hoped as I was a bit late marketing it, to be fair, but just wondered if anyone knew of an outlet for original songs which might bring a bit of general interest/custom to my website as the end of the year as New Year celebrations approach quickly? I just thought it would be a fun thing for children/families etc. to sing along and revive memories of the events of the year.


You can hear a bit on youtube here

and the lyrics are on my website is here: http://www.franticproductions.co.uk/popup.cfm?p_n=513785&p_i=513785 Grateful for any good ideas for what to do with it...!
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