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Logic is shifting my automation data


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I have my region preferences set to always move automation data with regions.


I am attempting to make a radio edit of an extended remix, so I am copy/pasting my entire track a second time, later in my project to edit.

All of my busses have arrange tracks. Each bus track has a region running the length of the track. All of my automation data is contained in regions. However, each time I copy/paste my track, it is shifting my automation data. It all seems to be off by a bar from the version I copied...


Am I missing something simple to prevent this?

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Set your project start point to



Unfortunately having your project start any other place than its default 1 1 1 1 will produce all sorts of unexpected behaviors including out of sync automation when copy/pasting from one track to another. So get used to always, always keeping the project start marker on 1 1 1 1. Logic sometimes moves it to 0 1 1 1 for example when starting a recording on 1 1 1 1 with a count-in and playing notes during the count-in (or simply playing the first note that should fall on 1 1 1 1 slightly early). To avoid that, start recording on 2 1 1 1 instead of 1 1 1 1, or, if you must record at 1 1 1 1 then manually cut/resize your regions after the recording to delete everything before 1 1 1 1, and drag the project start marker back to 1 1 1 1.

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