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Using MIDI to control plugin parameters in Logic?


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I have scoured the internet over the past 2 days, looking at every message board I could find to answer this question, reading every blog and article, etc. etc., but I still can't quite figure out this problem.


So I'm using Logic Pro 9. I have a midi footswitch that I want to use to trigger bypasses/presets in amplitube 3. Logic is getting a signal from the MIDI controller, but I can't quite figure out how to get Logic's midi signals to communicate with amplitube. I've read that you need to put Amplitube on a software instrument channel, use automation, use busses, and a bunch of other stuff, but nothing I've tried yet has work.


I appreciate any insight

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Try first using the following technique: Quick Guide to using a MIDI controller with Logic


I know it works fine for Logic plug-ins, so first make sure you can make it work with a Logic plug-in. If you can't, ask for further help. If you can, then try the same technique with Amplitube and see if it works.


I've been having trouble using it with the normal Logic plug-ins as well. I didn't want to jumble the two questions, so I made another thread about it here:




Long story short, the Command + L method of assigning commands simply doesn't work with the midi footswitch I have (although it works fine with my keyboard).



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So I figured out something I was doing wrong...


My footswitch sends a different MIDI message depending on whether I press the button down or press and release the button.



Here's the MIDI input when I press and release the button:


"Note on Ch1, C3, Lo7"


When I press the button and shut off learn mode while my foot is still down on it, I get this:


"Note on Ch1, C3, 64"



The latter actually works and I can control basic functions with it, but the former doesn't. If it's a different MIDI input, does this mean my 3 button footswitch can actually send 6 different messages? Also I'm still confused as to why assigning a function to a button that I press and release doesn't work. Does this mean that I've assigned two inputs to one function (as in, pushing the button down for one and letting it back up for a second one?)


I find MIDI to be very confusing for some reason, so any help is greatly appreciated.




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