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Using notes in logic 9 for lyrics anyone?


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I use the notes in Logic 9 for writing (working on) my lyrics. Does anyone else?

I switch back and forth between the notes and arrange window. And forget sometimes which window I'm in. There by screwing up entry in the note window. Any tips on avoiding this? No big deal just asking. :)

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1563182173_LogicandNotes.jpg.1a38bfc052923088d463a89195234e0d.jpgI wanted to up date this thread. I am now using the note pad that comes with the Mac "notes" it floats on top of Logic. You can float as many notes as you like, and you can resize the notes to any size as well as have images in the notes.

That's it for my update.

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Okay, here it is:

Create a Marker for, let's say, the first line of the song, create it ± one bar before the line actually starts. Set the Playhead where you want the marker, hit ctrl-K (Create Marker)

Now hit ⇧⌘-K, this opens the separate *Marker Text* window.


Click on the pencil http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3165/3325203455_48d3e9d224.jpg?v=0 - now you can enter the text.

If you click on the font http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3165/3325203455_48d3e9d224.jpg?v=0 you can format the (selected/highlighted!) text.

Repeat this process for every line (or you can do it with blocks of four lines, the complete chorus - you have to try which works best for your song.

Make sure the Catch button in the Marker Text window is enabled like this: http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3588/3325238741_026da57ccd.jpg?v=0, and the text in the marker window will change at the given marker positions. If it is off (grey) the current text will be displayed, regardless of the playhead position.


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Up date to thread.

 I was looking at songwriting tools Mac and IOS and discovered a simple way to use what I already have: 

In IOS:   Voice Memo share to Notes (both came with my iPod) there you have now a place to write your lyrics and hear your mp3. 

On the Mac:    Use Quicktime audio export m4a share to notes same deal. Pretty handy.

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