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Logic 9 on two machines

Paul st Albans

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Good evening All


I made the foolish decision to buy a mac book pro so that I could do some mobile composing as opposed to slumming

It in my garage. Long story!


Basically I spoke with Apple support who said that itI use the MA all is easy and I can use both app and files on both machines although not at the same time.


After migrating everything from my power mac on 1.5.8 to the new fandango laptop I now have two systems that crash. Gutted!


From looking around th web it looks like migrating logic and th third party plugins across two different operating systems is asking or trouble.


Therefore I need to look at the best way to work across both as efficiently as possible.


I am missing my original installation disk although I have everything else including the codes from th initial purchase.


I was thinking about the app store but my power mac is on an old OS.


Is this going to cause conflicts in any even as th two machines are not on the same OS or can this be simply overcome.


Your thoughts are most welcome.


Happy New year too.




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Contact Apple... and ask them about a replacement set of disks.. They will need your serials but other than that, they are pretty good at taking care of such things, from my experience with a couple of my clients who had a similar problem.


Then, start again from scratch... installing a fresh OS... then Logic.. then 3rd party plugins..


Long job but one that is ultimately worth doing the right way... rather than using MA or any of the alternatives when one is moving data between two different Mac models, like you are doing...

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