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Software instrument track playing MIDI data that isn't there


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Hi all,


I'm writing an orchestral piece in Logic Pro 9.1.8 using Garritan Personal Orchestra 4 and its ARIA sample player. I have the ARIA player set up in multi-output mode. Each section of the orchestra (strings, brass, etc) has its own multi-out ARIA instrument, and then the individual instruments of those sections is coming out of its own aux channel. E.g, contrabassoon is coming through 1/2, bassoon through 3/4, and so on.


Now, I had a melody that was originally sequenced into the bassoon track (woodwind aux 3/4). I didn't like it there, so I moved it to the clarinets instead (woodwind aux 5/6). Even though that MIDI region is no longer on the bassoon track, the bassoons are still playing it, along with the clarinets. I've found that if I remove the MIDI region from the clarinet track, then the bassoon stops playing it. If I make a copy of the MIDI region and put the copy in place of the original, the bassoon still plays it with the clarinet. If I move the region to another track (for example, the oboe), then the oboe will play it, but now instead of the bassoon playing it, the clarinet does.


Is there a bug with this MIDI region? Am I cursed by the distressed ghost of a bassoonist? Can someone make any sense of this?


Thanks in advance,



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