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Factory default friendly TG500 multi

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The Yamaha TG500 uses two control change messages: 0 (MSB) and 32 (LSB).

Control change #0 is the same for all banks: "000"

Control change #32 uses data values between 000 and 086 to identify the specific banks.


The TG500 multi included in the invaluable "Various Multis" project file sets up the banks according to the CC#32 numerical sequence from lowest (000) to highest. Logical eh?


Problem is that the numerical sequence does not select the banks in the same sequence as when the user is scrolling through bank select using the Play Mode and Memory buttons on the unit. Having used this sound module long before I had a computer, the bank sequence in the unit itself in addition to the information in the manual has more or less ingrained the sequences in my mind.


I'm sure that folks smarter than my self have figured this out years ago given that the TG500 came out in 1992. Various attempts to set up the VM multi in Logic in recent years did not work out, largely in part to my lack of understanding of how the two bank select commands (#0 and #32) worked.


I recently searched LPH for "custom bank messages" and found many useful clues in a few threads which have finally helped me figure this out.


The attached zip file is a Logic 9 project file with two multis: one for voice and performance bank presets, and the other for selecting the banks/presets when using the TG500 Multi mode).


The Project and Track Notes panel in the project file describes set up. There is a PDF file in the project folder that illustrates the custom bank messages and bank/preset selection.


Logic and my TG500 are now in sync.


Even though I have some nice bits of software (Komplete 8, Machfive 3, etc), hardware sound modules are still very cool.


Logic 9 project file: factory default friendly TG500 multi

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