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Midi file w/AU insert - Help?? [SOLVED]


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Hello Everyone/Anyone!!!

I am choosing an Empty song. Then choose Software Instrument (Output 1-2).

Then I choose import (as to import a midi File) Then If I was to change any of those tracks using Logics internal sounds (EXS24 Sampler EF1, EVP88..et) all that works flawlessly and seems to be no problem. It becomes a huge problem when I want to use the AU Instruments to change a certain track (i.e Auturia, Ivory, IK Multimedia sounds) from the original sound to these sounds.

I can click on the track and play it on my controller no problem but when I go to play back the whole file it never captures those AU sounds. Any advice or insight would be very much appreciated.

Sorry...Using Logic Pro 8


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