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I am having huge difficulty in downloading the additional content. I have been downloading the files separately (maybe 2 - 3 at a time) and although, it has been taking a very long time, they have all eventually downloaded. I am then asked for my password and the installation bar then appears. Everything seems to install perfectly. There are no errors, or pop up boxes of any kind. However, when I look in my library, nothing has been installed. There is no trace of any of the downloads.


Any ideas?



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I'm pretty sure you're looking in the wrong place. Did you get any messages telling you the download was cancelled or not completed or anything?


How much space was free on your disk before you started? How much space is free now?


Have you tried starting Logic and loading a sound in the EXS24 sampler?


Have you checked Library/Application Support/Logic and idem/Garageband? Not the user library, but the top Library.

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