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Channel Strip Volumes Right Down when Importing Patches


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Hi everyone,


I use MS to run loops and backing tracks at church. I've encountered a bit of an issue and not sure if it's a bug or if I'm missing something here so some help would be appreciated.


When I load all my tracks in (click, cues, loop tracks etc) I export everything as a patch (using Command + E) so that I can just Import the next time (Command + I) and everything is ready to go. Now this usually works no problem and if I have a custom mix or each channel set at 0dB then this all loads in on import. However when I load in some patches for some reason all the channels are turned all the way down. I've tried reloading these patches and exporting again however it seems to do the same thing each time. The strange thing is this only happens with certain patches and not others but will always happen with the same patches.


Any thoughts or suggestions would be much appreciated!



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