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The Proper Way to Play a Casio

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:x :x :x


The "director" and "playwright" of this piece of empty nothingness commits cultural barbarism, driven by cryptofascistic nihilistic pubertality. He is the worst kind of "rebel without a clue".


It's an evil video. Fatwah! :evil:


Here's the portrait of a very different kind of rwac:


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Gee, that was stupid.


Maybe some musicians - They Might be Giants, for example - could have found a musical use for that Casio, rather than destroying it in an insecure attempt to prove one's advanced state of technical discernment.


The entire channel is dedicated to purposefully breaking things as an angry satire of How-tos.


I don't think we'll be running out of cheesy consumer-level Casio's anytime soon ;p


'Sides, artists like Reznor used to smash up far better boards like the DX7 on stage all the time ;D

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Well, GJ, I beg to differ. It's yet another aspect of humanity. Only by trying to understand and love even that, we may gain some ground. But moral smugness is very tempting - and I am in no position to throw the first or even any stone. 8)


But yeah - it's stupid. :D


Let 'm destroy live landmines. That would be useful.



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