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Logic pro 9.1.8 don't recognize Waves plugs 9.2


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  • 2 weeks later...
i'm having similar issues but with other plugs :(


Care to elaborate?


What other plugs?


Are they 32bit-only plug-ins or are they available as 64bit plug-ins too?




they are 32 bit plugs...motu ethnos to be exact...it won't load up for some reason when i open logic...

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  • 5 weeks later...
I already check some steps posted in this forum...but no success...


Which steps are those? If you don't say what you've already tried people won't know where to start helping.


Did you run the Waves AU Reg Utility?





I'm kinda having this issue too, my issue is when i click "Lets go" on the the Waves AU Utility a message comes up saying:


" Waveshell-AudioUnits Utility has encountered an internal error. Please reinstall Waveshell-AU and try again"


Im pretty much a production newbie so im not really sure what that means and how I can amend this... Please can you help? :?:

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