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Futuristic Soundtrack - "Neon Haze"


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It would be great if, throughout the entire mix, you could achieve the kind of clarity you have at around 1:32. Right before that, the heavy kick/reverb effect is too muddy and overwhelms the track. Sure, your intent is clear, but overall it's just too woofy.


Also, back go the beginning of the song, there's something about the pad that bugs me. Could be an EQ thing, where maybe you should lose some of the upper midrange cloudiness. It could also be that plus your choice of notes just leading into the broken triad synth part; there's something that's just not satisfying about that transition.





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I still think there's too much low mids and bass in your mix and the likely culprits are the reverb plus overlapping bass frequencies between the pad and the drums. I didn't mind the brash drums in your original mix, but the boomy reverb is over the top.


A few suggestions which might work separately or in tandem....


EQ the reverb itself and filter out some bass out of the reverb

Filter bass out of the sides of your mix (requires mid/side encoding)

For the bass percussion elements, (low toms, kick, whatever you've got going there) use a shorter reverb with less bass


There's also a lot of low end in the pad which is adding to all the low-end murkiness. Consider automating the EQ to remove some of the pad's bottom end mud when the drums kick in (try 6 dB to start), from say 150 - 200 Hz downwards. This will help to leave some space for the low end in the drums.


The thing is, you've already got loads of bass and low mids in this mix. Smearing that around with the reverb isn't helping. You might be able to get the same sense of big bottom and big room w/o the mud just by taking out a lot of bottom on the reverb, also from 200 downwards. Maybe even higher. But I'd also look at that pad.



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Export the drums as 100% reverb then blend with the original whilst removing some low end in the reverb only track? Could work, but I'm not really digging less reverb on the drums. Sound far too flat and muted, none of that grand sense of scale. I'll agree the bass from the echo needs to clear up though.
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