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Changing Tempo of an audio Drum Track


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Hey guys,


I have a drum track put together with audio samples (Beta Monkey) recorded at 160 bpm. The current tempo for the project is 160 bpm so everything lines up on the grid.


Now, if I want to crank it up to 164 bpm, is there a way I can make the drum samples go along without having to flex or change each sample individually? I tried using the "Time and Pitch machine" (in the sample editor) to change each sample from 160 to 164 but it was really messing with the tone of the the drums.


Since my track is all put together already, it would be great if I could change it all at once without messing with the quality of the audio.


I'm using Logic Pro 9.1.8



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You should be able to use Flex to do exactly what you want. Flex enalble all the drum regions and then they will follow the new tempo.


Which kind of loops are you using? They come in both apple loop and wav format. If they are apple loops, they'll already follow the new tempo. If wavs, then I'd use flex, in slicing mode. But because they are complete drum loops, the Rhythmic algo might work too.


Going from 160 to 164 bpm isn't such a big change. Your drums will probably sound fine.

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