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Favela Funk Theme - EXS Makeover

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Favela Funk Theme






1. Unzip the zFavela Funk Theme.zip file to your desktop. A folder named "Resources" will be created.


2. Copy the "Resources" folder to the following location and choose to overwrite all existing files/folders (make sure you backup this folder FIRST to restore the EXS 24 to it's original GUI).


Logic 9.1.5 and prior

/Applications/Logic Pro.app/Contents/Resources/es2.res/Contents/


Logic 9.1.6 and later

/Applications/Logic Pro.app/Contents/PlugIns/exs24.res/Contents/


(To access the Contents folder, right click the Logic Pro.app icon and select "Show Package Contents")


3. Restart Logic.

zFavela Funk Theme.zip

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