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Creating drum banks w/ logic?


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What I'm looking to do is group the hi-hats, snares, kicks, and other similar sounds from all the different drum kits in the library.


I have that massive logic manual, but I'm not sure exactly what to search for...


Can someone let me know if its possible or if I'm using the correct terminology in my search for this.

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Yeah that's what I'm looking to do, is that in exs24 or ultrabeat???


i have not used the exs24 sampler much but have used ultrabeat...let's say you create your own sound bank in ultrabeat using the 25 different channels, then what you can do is this...




in the above pic, if you click on the arrow where it says "hip hop 90s kit", you should get a drop down menu that lets you save setting as...then you just name it and you're all done...let me know if that's clear and if it works for u!

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Either or, you could create your drum kits with either of those plug-ins. For example open the EXS24 instrument editor and start drag and dropping all your kick samples, map them as desired and save that as a new instrument called "kick drum library".


Creating EXS24 mkII Instruments, Zones, and Groups

^ exactly what i do, i've really never messed with Ultrabeat much as all of my drum hits are separated by kick, snare, hats, etc in EXS24 sampler instruments, very handy for keeping them organized to recall on later, especially when you have around 35,000+ samples.


I have yet to get a chance to try this, but I'm assuming it will prompt me to insert the sound files that I want to have in that library, that being understood, will I have to search for each kick, snare, hit, etc file on my HD, drag and drop? Or is their an easier way?


That just seems excruciatingly time consuming...

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