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Macro within a macro.. Within a macro?


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I'm trying to set up a very complex environment to recall data from channelstrips.. sort of a snapback/screenshot of mixer :)

When testing individual signals each step seems to be working, but as i group objects within macros my total signalflow F***s up at some point. I know that each macro can hold up to 100-200 objects depending on how much 'processing' they require, and am aware that macros can consist within macros.. but does that count toward a total object count within a larger macro containing macros, that contain macros? haha (macroception) has anyone layered up an amount of objects or macros so that some messages are not delivered? or is it purely a error in my commands or cabling?

I do not wish to continue if anybody knows of faults in midi messages being delivered, if commands are correct!

Final note: inside a single macro i have a max count of 40 transformers and nothing else, so never exceeding the limit of 100-200per macro.

I hope this makes sens.



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"... has anyone layered up an amount of objects or macros so that some messages are not delivered?"


In a word, yes. I wish I could give you more specific and actionable information, but I can't. I recall looking into the limits and notional ceiling of macros, but it was pretty hard to quantify in real-world terms. Simply counting objects seemed inconclusive. All I knew was, if I cabled enough stuff to more stuff, put it on a macro and put THAT in more macros, eventually notes would stop finding their way through the whole signal chain.


More philosophically, I learned that simplifying my Environment was a very complex task.

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