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Missing Samples In Ultrabeat


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Hey Guys,


I'm running Logic Pro v9.1.8 on my macbook running osx 10.6.8. Everything was working fine until I decided to move my logic projects from its default file path (home>music>logic) to my 2tb seagate drive. Since then when I open projects, before they finish launching, it will ask me to point it to the file path of one or more samples that ultrabeat/logic can't find. I point it to the file path and logic will launch but the files logic asked me to point to will still be missing. The projects I created prior to moving to my external drive load fine.


(FYI these samples I speak of are my drum library (sample magic, loopmasters, goldenbaby, drums I chopped from records) that I drag and drop into Ultrabeat)


So far I've tried moving my logic folder (home>music>logic) and sampler instruments (under application support) to the external drive. Next I uninstalled Logic and then reinstalled logic. Moved a few drum samples to my desktop and created a test project with those drum samples. I was able to close and reopen with project with all samples (from the desktop) in tact, but once I again started incorporating samples from the external drive, logic started asking me to point to certain drum samples from the seagate drive.


My Question Is: before I decided to upgrade my os to 10.7.4 (I don't think the actual upgrade would fix the issue but possibly the blank reimaging of the machine possibly could), is there anything else I should try? Maybe some type of allocation feature? Thanks!



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