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Increase speed in single Audio strip?


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Ok, but how would you do it?

How would you linearly increase the speed of an audio file without affecting other audio or MIDI files?

Im aware of the Flex editing, i know how to change the tempo of the audio track by "slicing" it

but I dont know how to "diagonaly" increase the speed of the chosen audio file..

How would you do it? Or where can I read about this "technique"...?





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It might be tricky to get a perfectly linear slow-to-fast but for practical purposes I'm sure you could get something that would mostly sound like it did.


Try Flex and then drop some Flex markers on regular divisions. In my two bar example, I just dropped one every two beats and then dragged each Marker over to the right. The result sounds like it starts slow and then speeds up.


In image: bottom file has markers set at two beat intervals; top file shows flex markers dragged to the right to create slow to fast speed-up in the same two bar interval of time.


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