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Setting up Bella Shuttle/Jog Keyboard for Logic Pro?


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I recently purchased a Bella Professional Series Keyboard for Final Cut Pro X (5202X) and discovered I should be able to configure it for use in Logic Pro. All of the presets in it are for video editing applications, but you can set up your own. I could not find any keyboard profiles for Logic Pro on the Bella website. And, I have already asked the same question there as well but do not yet have an answer. Just thought I'd ask here as well.


Thanks for the help!



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Hi Chris,


Not the same device but this discussion might help...

A thread about how to set up a Logic profile for the 'Contour - shuttle controller'

Contour Shuttle Pro Settings for Logic

The second of my 2 posts shows one way to feed Logic Jog/Shuttle commands.



I eventually found it more satisfying to change the jog control into a zoom control. Then recently, I read that a survey of video editors who own a jog/shuttle controllers found that most ended up using the jog/shuttle to control zoom and things other than the transport.

While it is fun to emulate the transport controls of yesteryear, it ends up taking too long (using wheel controllers) to get where you want to go. Have fun with your new wheels. :)

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