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hi! here a link of one of my video of a cover! I was just wandering if you can help me to find wats wrong with my mmixing! the instrumental is to lound? voice not enought? not enought EQ or compressor?


Just say what you would change!! Thanks!!


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Too me I think maybe the guitars could sound a little fuller, nothing too much! may a few more low mids.


Instruments too loud? I was going to say I would bring the vocal down a tiny bit or leave it as it is.


I can hear some strings in there which I would bring up a tiny bit.


I know you are asking about the mix but.... the vocal performance, you sound more nervous singing that than the adele cover. You could pull out the pitch modulation with Melodyne and it won't sound "autotuned" or un-natural.


Im thinking maybe you are more comfortable singing a more powerful song and thats why it sounds a little unstable and when I say little I mean little.


I don't want to comment too much because I really don't think its that bad, as for compressor, nothing seems to be jumping out at me dynamically so again I guess that is just left to taste. (dynamically I think its better than your Skyfall cover)


There is a guitar solo part in there and I think the two opening note coming a little too loud and kind of takes you by surprise but once its established it sounds right volume wise, I would maybe automate the first half bar so it doesn't surprise and maybe back of the cabinet or reverb effect you are using on that guitar a tiny bit.


edit: I've just realised I'm probably listening to pre produced backing tracks and I've just been critising some other producers work :lol: , if I'm not please correct me :oops:

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