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MainStage midi program change/novation launchpad


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Hey Guys,

just bought a novation launchpad that has 64 drum pads...i'm running MainStage with a concert that has 40 or so patches in it...what I'm looking to do is have each pad on the novation lauchpad act as a program change button to turn on different patches i've made. i was gonna label each drum pad with to say what the instrument it is...

Novation said it can send and receive MIDI program changes which i need it to do but that it is a MainStage issue ill need to figure out...can anyone help? i use MainStage live with erykah badu & jay - z and would love for the launch pad to act as a virtual patch changer at the touch of a finger


Mike Feingold



Mountain Lion

2012 macbook pro i7


2 internal OWC 480GB SSD extreme pro's

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OK, maybe I don't understand your problem, but if you send out prg chg's MainStage will react to it with a patch change when it is enabled and the prg number is the corresponding to the patch.


So please check if:


- in the global folder (attribute) the correct MIDI device and channel is set

- in the patch program change is enabled (patch information / attribute) and a working number is set

- You transmit the correct program number with the pad (best use a midi monitor for that)


If this is done it should work. I also use MainStage live with a FCB 1010 that basicly sends prg changes...




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