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How to sync or dump SySex data into Logic Pro?


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I am new at using SySex with Logic Pro 9, and I am trying to find a simple explanation on how to sync or dump SySex data into Logic Pro. I have a .syx file created by SySex Librarian that I would like to use with Logic Pro, preferably as a bank of intrument presets. I've come across tons of directives by people that basically state "just do such and such", without bothering to explain how you get through to the steps to actually do "such and such". It's like there are several steps involved that they don't manage to explain and I can't seem to be able to find to make it work. Can someone please help by either explaining this to me clearly or pointing me in the direction to find the information?



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If you want to load the sysex dump onto your external synth from within Logic:


1. Save it as a .mid file from SysEx Librarian

2. Create a new Instrument in Logic's Environment, and set its output port appropriately

3. Create a new External MIDI track and assign it to the instrument

4. Drop the .mid file onto the track

5. Go to the beginning of the MIDI region and play.


Hopefully that helped?!

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