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Timeline visibility - a fix


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I find the Logic 9 grey on grey timeline hard to read, so (after a futile effort to find a way to edit it, apple engineers say not available) I set up a template with 3 'no output' tracks, and dropped in slivers of audio on bars, beats and 16ths. for 200 bars or so.


Today is day 1 of the new timeline but I hope it solves my issue


Advantage, it it highly readable and can be moved to lie adjacent to the track you are editing.


Disadvantage, the smaller subdivisions merge into solid black under wide zoom-outs.


Looping a full bar-length (or beat or 16th) would work too, but the divisions are not as high contrast.


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Logic here does not provide adequate visual clarification for this pernikkidy user.

Yes. I 'll show you what I mean, with this screenshot. Logic pops into subdivisions based on zoom factor, and this screen demonstrates that where a substantial zoom in for precision is required, the grid often does not 'granulate' into 16th subdivisions, which this type of editing would benefit from.


It seems to me I never had this 'want better visibility' problem until switching from an earlier version to the grey on grey of Logic 9. I would prefer it if Apple designers had given us (for example) a 'grid visibility' parameter, and a 'timeline colours' or 'contrast' parameter, as they have given us, e.g. a 'wide position pointer' option.

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Mostly vocal edits, drum edits, (audio). For example, copy/paste a vocal or other riff from one chorus to another. I might pick that sample up on the second 16th of beat 1, and want to paste it into the corresponding sub-beat in the subsequent section. Also, trimming tails of sustains to be precisely on a beat or sub-beat.


I'll check snapping modes, help tags in manual. I am a visually-oriented person ahttp://www.logicprohelp.com/forum/posting.php?mode=reply&f=5&t=96812#nd what I see on my screens is a big co-ordinate in workflow. I reiterate, this issue never occurred to me in older versions, and I remember opening Soundtracks for the first time one day - and my first look at the grey on grey made me wonder ''wazup.'?


Logic designers, (if there are any of you!) take note: this. is. a. useable. timeline. display.

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