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Nice effort, unfortunately it contains errors:

- Sometimes it doesn't use the correct key command name (for example there's no Record, Record Show/Hide key command in LPX).

- Sometimes it lists the wrong keyboard shortcut (for example Set Punch Out Locator Point by Rounded Playhead is NOT Control-Option-Shift-Command-I).

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Yes! It's working now, thanks. So you've updated the punch commands? The one I listed earlier was wrong when I last checked, now it's right. Cool. :D


If I may, one thing that's a bit troublesome is that after I do my search for Punch, the search results dropdown stays open. I can't seem to close it by clicking on the background of the page, which is what I'd expect... instead I have to clear the search field.

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Hey David,


I checked the Punch commands yesterday, and they were correct. I think I already made some edits for these back in August. Makes sense, since the OP is from July.


To clear the search result pop-up, you can use the ESC key, or click the toolbar in which the search field resides. I just checked on recent versions of Safari, Chrome and Firefox.


I agree, clicking the background should work too, along with going through the search results with the arrow keys (doesn't work yet - but the pull requests for this to work have been made on Github!).



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